Pulsar to Person (P2P)

This project is an artistically-influenced method for communicating an astronomical dataset both to researchers and to a broader audience. By allowing a participant to target a specified region of the sky, they hear a variety of variables from a pulsar dataset (e.g., spin rate, distance, orientation) that have been mapped to human-audible frequencies and volumes as they sweep their arm across the projected universe. The locations of the pulsars in the visualization are not visible by default, matching the invisibility of these objects to the human eye. Instead, participants experience this hidden universe by sound alone.

As an art/science collective, Byron Rich and I are looking for ways to bring people into the sciences using experiences rooted in aestheics and design. By meaningfully reimagining how people engage with datasets and phenomena, our projects seem to promote and inspire how science can interact with the public. By using art to build excitement and engagement around science, we wish to see future generations of young people become scientists, technologists, and/or designers.

Collaboration with Byron Rich.

Exhibitions and Artist Talks:

  • EWASS 2019, Lyon, France (June 2019)