A picture of me, from two apartments ago...See my CV! (12/2016 revision)

Current Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech in the Computer Science Department (2017-Present).

Current PhD student at Virginia Tech, working with the InfoVis group in the Discovery Analytics Center, a part of the Computer Science Department.

Former Visiting Assistant Professor (2014-2016) and Adjunct Professor (2016-2017) at Allegheny College in the Computer Science Department.

Former Adjunct Professor at Chatham University in the Mathematics Department (2012-2013).

Graduated in May 2011 from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA, with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science. I worked with both the MIPS and iVRL (now defunct) groups in the Computer Science Department.

Graduated in May 2009 from Gannon University in Erie, PA, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, a Multimedia application domain, and a minor in Mathematics.

Graduated in June 2005 from Burrell High School in Lower Burrell, PA. Not that it matters at this point.