FluxE is an astrophysical visualization tool, rendering the computed flux density of astrophysical simulations, with a focus on stellar merger simulations. This system is an implementation of a framework designed to combine the approaches of observational and theoretical astronomers in studying distant astrophysical phenomena through the combination of a simulation volume and synthetic light curves. FluxE gives computational astrophysicists the ability to view simulated stellar mergers in the same way that observational astronomers view stellar mergers, with the added ability to view the simulated merger with spatial detail at multiple wavelengths. The researcher is provided with a variety of powerful features for exploring the data, including the abilities to superpose images from different wavelengths, to inspect precise wavelength intensities, to navigate through and within frames, and to animate sequences of images.

More information about the project, as well as a download link, can be found at the official website.

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